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80x80 cm
Oil on Canvas, 2018
Unique piece - one of a kind.
Work on stretcher frame.
Sides are painted
Ready for hang.

Reflecting on the final journey we make as we leave life and wondering what awaits us on the other side. The painting depicts a haunting and symbolic scene that illustrates a spiritual journey into eternity. The dominant dark grey color palette gives the painting a deep and mystical atmosphere. A straight path floats weightlessly in the air, striving towards a bright, vertical strip of light on the horizon. This light symbolizes the afterlife or a transcendent dimension. The path surrounded by clouds conveys a feeling of weightlessness and transition. Balloons float towards the radiant light, symbolizing the human soul making the final journey to the radiant light, which stands as a destination or transition to another realm. It is a representation of the spiritual path or the final journey. The scene conveys a message of hope and transition to an otherworldly dimension.


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