Warm Afternoon

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135x103 cm - painted surface
Painting has circumferential approx. 2.0 cm wide white border for clamping on the stretcher. 

Acryl on Canvas, 2022
Unique piece - one of a kind.
Painting unstretched - Shipping in a tube.

Painting can be mounted on stretcher frame on request.

The painting presents a wild, natural biotope in its full splendor during the autumnal evening hours. The scene radiates a warm atmosphere, captured in an impressionistic style that emphasizes the vibrancy of nature. A thicket of reeds, thistles and various wild plants fills the space. The reeds form an interesting contrast to the warm autumn tones of the surrounding bushes. The surroundings are surrounded by impenetrable bushes that frame the scene and lend it depth. The leaves of the bushes and trees are bathed in the colors of autumn: from golden yellows to reddish hues. The last rays of the day's sunlight sweep across the scene, casting a warm, golden light on the scenery. The impressionistic style of the painting captures the atmosphere and mood of the autumn evening in a lively way. The brushstrokes are lively and loose, leaving the viewer room for interpretation and imagination. It is as if you are immersed in the tranquil beauty of this wild biotope and feel the warmth of the autumn evening on your skin.


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