Tree reflections 3.

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70x90 cm
Oil on Canvas, 2023
Unique piece - one of a kind.
Work on stretcher frame.
Sides are painted

Ready for hang. 

The impressionist painting captures a picturesque scene full of color nuances and lively movement. The painting depicts a tranquil landscape in which trees stand on the banks of a quiet pond. It is autumn, and the leaves of the trees display a magnificent color palette of gold, red, orange and brown. The reflection of the trees in the clear water of the pond is the central element of the painting. Through the skillful use of brushstrokes and shades of colour, the artist creates an interplay of light and color that conveys the illusion of movement and life. The contours of the trees are gently blurred in the reflection of the water.  The lively texture and dynamic brushwork lend the painting a certain vibrancy and capture the fleeting beauty of autumn. Overall, the painting exudes an atmosphere of serenity and beauty, inviting the viewer to enjoy the tranquillity and splendor of nature.


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