Rosebush 1.

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100x100 cm
Oil on Canvas, 2024
Unique piece - one of a kind.
Work on stretcher frame.
Sides are painted
Ready for hang.

The painting transports the viewer into a world of abstract beauty in which nature is depicted in its pure form. At the centre of the painting is a lush rose bush whose blossoms and leaves merge into a swirl of colours and shapes. The complementary colours red and green dominate the picture and create a lively, pulsating atmosphere. The bright red of the rose blossoms contrasts with the lush green of the leaves and creates a harmonious balance. The colours seem to dance and reinforce each other as they capture the viewer's gaze. The petals and leaves of the rose bush are strongly alienated and appear almost surreal. They blur into each other and partially dissolve, giving the image a certain blurriness and movement. This creates a dynamic energy that captivates the viewer and invites them to explore the details of the picture. The artist's impressionistic technique is evident in the loose brushstrokes and the playful arrangement of the colours. Instead of a realistic depiction, the artist endeavours to capture the mood and atmosphere of the subject. The result is a painting that not only celebrates the beauty of nature, but also reveals the power of colours and forms in their pure abstraction.


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