Nice (nett)

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70x70 cm
Oil on MDF-Board, 2021
The painting is framed.
Ready for hang. 
Unique piece - one of a kind. 

The wintry scene opens up in an impressionistic dance of light and cold. A bright blue sky dominates the upper part of the picture, interspersed with the radiant splendor of a glistening sun that pours its warm light over the snow-covered landscape. In the foreground lie felled tree trunks covered in a white and pale blue shimmering blanket of snow. The ends of these tree trunks glow in the colors of freshly sawn wood, with deep brown tones and vivid grains that contrast with the wintry surroundings. Beyond this field stretches a copse of light ochre and ultramarine blue. The colors mingle in an impressionistic swirl that captures the texture of the wintry shrubbery. A few pine trees protrude from the bushes, their delicate branches lightly covered with snow and silhouetted against the clear sky.


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