Delphinium and sage

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100x100 cm
Oil on Canvas, 2024
Unique piece - one of a kind.
Work on stretcher frame.
Sides are painted
Ready for hang.

The painting transports the viewer into a scene full of colour and vibrancy. Against a soft background in various shades of green, the bright colours of the delphinium and sage flowers rise up in a kaleidoscopic dance. In the foreground of the scene is a broad bed adorned with an abundance of delphinium and sage flowers. The delicate, long stems of the delphinium flowers reach upwards, their bright blue blossoms shimmering like little jewels in the sunlight. Next to them are the bushy, green plants of the sage, whose leaves shimmer in various shades of green and form a refreshing contrast to the deep blue of the delphinium. The colours merge on the canvas, blurring the boundaries between the individual flowers and leaves and creating an atmosphere of light-heartedness and lightness. The warm rays of sunlight penetrating through the leaves of the plants create a play of light and shadow that makes the scene appear even more dynamic.


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