Summer in the city

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30x30 cm
Oil on MDF-Board, 2016
Unique piece - one of a kind

A scene full of summer splendour unfolds in this lively painting, which captures the sun terrace in front of the Trollinger café/restaurant in Stuttgart. The lively brushstrokes of an impressionist conjure up an atmosphere that is brought to life by the interplay of light and shadow. In the foreground of the painting, red parasols invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the cheerful hustle and bustle. Under these umbrellas, people gather at tables in cosy conversation. Their outlines almost merge with the warm colours of the surroundings, which are intensified by the sun's rays. The radiant sun penetrates the plane tree leaves and bathes the surroundings in a soft, lively play of light. The painting is dominated by the bright red tones of the parasols and the vibrant colours of the people's clothing.


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