Stuttgart 21 - Rusch hour

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150 x 100  cm
Oil on Canvas, 2014
Unique piece - one of a kind.
Work on stretcher frame.
Sides are painted
Ready for hang.

The painting shows the hectic late evening traffic in Stuttgart, dominated by the monumental Stuttgart 21 construction site. The reduced color palette captures the fatigue and monotonous pulsation of the city after a long day. The building site looms sombrely in the background, a mighty network of pipes and construction fences. Faint arcs of light from the streetlights illuminate the darkness only sparsely. Vehicles meander through labyrinthine streets in warm light, illuminated mainly by their lights. They are the only splashes of color in this otherwise gray scene. The painting conveys hecticness, restlessness and a resigned acceptance of the changes in city life. Despite the monochrome, it captures the dynamism and stress of rush hour amidst construction sites, with occasional accents of color highlighting moments of movement and activity.


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