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50x70 cm
Oil on MDF-Board
Unique piece - one of a kind.

The painting captures a scene in the heart of Stuttgart, in which a side street with the famous Drei-Farben-Haus takes center stage. A play of light and shadow envelops this scene and lends it a fascinating dynamism. The Drei-Farben-Haus (right) lies in the shadows and exudes a certain mystery. The house seems to carry the history of the city within it and immediately draws the viewer's eye with its peculiarity. Along the side street are houses in bright colors such as yellow, red and white. These buildings glow in the bright sunlight, which literally brings them to life. The intense colors seem almost overwhelming and stand in stark contrast to the restrained shadows of the tricolored house. This visual contrast gives the scene a remarkable vibrancy and draws attention to the diversity of the city's architecture and colors.


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