Composition 33.

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50x50 cm
Acryl on Canvas, 2023
Unique piece - one of a kind.
Work on stretcher frame.
Sides are painted.

The acrylic painting shows an abstract, three-dimensional geometric shape that gives the impression of a transparent crystal object. The form radiates an aura of transparency and sophistication.
The clear edges and precise lines of the geometric shape are rendered in a representation that gives the viewer a sense of structure and precision. The surfaces reflect and refract the light in a fascinating way, creating an interplay of light and shadow and emphasizing the depth and complexity of the form.
The translucent material makes the light appear to flow through the form, creating an impressive feeling of translucency and lightness. The colors of the light merge with the transparent facets, creating shades and reflections that convey a sense of brilliance and luster.
This acrylic painting is an ode to the beauty of geometry and the play of light that can be captured in a transparent object. It invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of spatial depth, light reflection and fascinating shapes.


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