Composition 31.

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104x104 cm - painted surface
Painting has circumferential approx. ca. 2 cm wide white border for clamping on the stretcher frame. 

Acryl on Canvas, 2023
Unique piece - one of a kind.
Painting unstretched - Shipping in a tube.

Painting can be mounted on stretcher frame on request.

The painting invites the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of simple shapes and subtle colour nuances. A play of geometric compositions unfolds on a canvas of dark grey, grey and various shades of purple.
In the centre of the painting, monumental, hexagonal quasi-crystalline forms rise up, calmly yet powerfully dominating the scene. Their violet shimmer lends them a majestic presence, which is further emphasised by the subtle shades of light white that cover their surface and suggest depth.
The spatiality of the painting is created by the skilful placement of these forms, which come together to form a harmonious whole. They appear to move across the canvas, with some moving closer and others receding into the distance, giving the work a mesmerising sense of depth.


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