Composition 03. - Harlequin

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100x700 cm
Oil on Canvas, 2017
Unique piece - one of a kind.
Work on stretcher frame.
Sides are painted.
Ready for hang.

The abstract painting presents a fascinating world of geometric abstraction in which colour and form combine to create a unique visual experience. The central motif of the painting consists of a multitude of triangles that merge into a harmonious interplay of colours and shapes. A concrete, representational motif was deliberately omitted in order to create space for an open, multi-layered perception. The triangles vary in size, orientation and colouring and their combination results in a complex, dynamic composition. The colours range from bright basic tones to soft pastel shades, creating a lively yet balanced visual landscape. The shapes seem to communicate with each other, overlapping and creating space at the same time. The abstraction challenges the imagination and allows each viewer to find their own interpretations.


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